What is Endless Fantasium?

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What is Endless Fantasium? Empty What is Endless Fantasium?

Post  Aster on Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:13 pm

For centuries, dreams had served as portals to a world much different from our own. A tangent universe, created solely from the deepest fathoms of our subconscious and unbound by order and law. It used to be that entering this realm of vivid fantasies meant we were most often no more than guests; spectators to an unpredictable stream of events. In the year 2042, however, breakthroughs in scientific study would come to drastically alter the bridge between the two worlds forever.

The ability to take grasp of one's subconscious fantasizing and direct the flow of events in any way the dreamer in question pleased. That was the goal of NeuroCorp, the organization that would eventually see their vision realized. Years of constant diligent research and experimentation birthed machines of unimaginable complexity and cost that would indeed solidify the link between dreams and conscious thought. With this technology, Lucid dreaming, experiencing dreams with some medium of control, was perfected and enhanced.

The inconceivable had been realized. Dreams were no longer untamed hallucinations; they were gateways to places and times ruled now by the dreamers themselves. Soon, NeuroCorp's research reached it's second landmark. A database, designed to log one's dream for future revisiting was created. Dreams were no longer fleeting experiences, but personally tailored universes. What's more, this database made it possible for more than one person to enter the same dream at once, allowing each experience to be shared and altered by multiple inhabitants.

The scientists of NeuroCorp gave this massive storage of imagination a name:
The Fantasium.

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